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10/05/18 (Selling tobacco to minors)

10/05/18 (Selling tobacco to minors)

Back in the 60's, as a teenager, I bought packs of cigarettes from vending machines, for a quarter. I could play games at the county fair, where the payoff was packs of cigarettes worth a dime. At that time, there was not any scientific medical link proving that smoking led to lung cancer and heart disease. Smoking was no big deal. Movie stars smoked in movies, and newsmen smoked and advertised on TV. Later, the tobacco companies introduced "filter" cigarettes when scientists warned of the health dangers. I believe that sometime after that, tobacco companies began to add an addictive substance to the tobacco, or to the paper wrapper, in order to keep their "customers" using their product. I wouldn't lay personal blame onto some victim of this corporate scheme. But laws were passed; tobacco companies were held to account; and local law enforcement agencies were ordered to enforce the law. I suffered a heart attack, which I blame on the effects of smoke that irritated my heart's coronary arteries into nearly closing up. I survived it with surgery, after a couple of attacks. My own brother, a U of M Master's degree holder could not quit smoking and died of lung cancer. We also have a smoking relative who is dying of lung cancer right now. Make no mistake about it - smoking is addictive. So do not blame the victim. In spite of all this, I'll say this to (my hometown) Tecumseh Police: You have uncovered a tobacco seller who is breaking the law. The seller has a foreign name. Good for you? Well, other cultures have no understanding of American corporate shenanigans with infusing tobacco with addictive substances. They are simply selling commodities, the same as we purchased in the 60’s. Yes, I'll agree they are breaking the law. But ask yourself - while you are doing your duty, do you need to be "arrogant" in publicly advertising the foreign-named seller of a product that was commonly sold in the 60's? People of other cultures know little of our local culture. Aren't you just trying to encourage hatred against people of other cultures? Go ahead and say - "I'm doing my duty”. I'm asking you to consider if your "duty" aligns with your conscience.

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