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Blog #2

Updated: Aug 25, 2019

Now this should just be a placeholder, right?

The question is, where did I find a button to create a NEW post in this nightmarish maze?

After I type in the post and publish it, I find that it has created a second posting above the older one (the first one). So now I have two posts. Each one can be edited.

A button appears at the top with which to "create a new post".

On the operating menu on my right, I see that I'm on "Mysite", under which is a menu associated with Blogs, and I'm operating in the "Post" function.

Another question - how in the hell do I save it?

It appears I can save it as a draft or publish it, or even cancel it.

It appears to be saving concurrently with the typing in of it.

There seem to be an almost infinite number of cosmetic ways to present the writings.

So far, my attempt to upload a piece of my writing has failed. "Pasting" failed.

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