Humanity - Past, Present, and Future

Updated: Sep 6

9/5/20 Here is my ignorant two cents worth: Human organization has at least four steps.

1. The individual - Survive, Eat, Fight competitors, Procreate. 2. Family - Procreation triggers caring and protecting for one another same as for oneself. 3. Tribal - Caring includes and is applied to extended family across generations. 4. United Tribe - Sees safety against outsiders, by use of united effort.

In all cases, it comes down to the survival of one self-contained entity against an outside entity. The "caring" sets us apart from lower life forms.

These steps have taken many thousands of generations. The most ancient of cultures, the "Middle East" has had enough time to advance, but like others, has not.

I have long said, we have a blend of all levels of men in every culture representing every step of human development. Power fluctuates back and forth and creates conflict which can't be easily solved.

The wish that someday there may be a step five and a global unison for planet Earth is improbable, but some people take hope in it.


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