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Updated: May 20, 2020

My first entry into my blog. I'd love to stand barefooted in the surf you see here. I can almost feel the water wash up against my ankles, and then withdraw, taking the sand away from between my toes. I have real memories of such a feeling - from the shores of Lake Michigan to the shores of the Gulf of Mexico, and the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. I have stood there in the ebb and flow. It's an experience so calming to the soul. It's been a very long time ago. But then, look out upon those waves. They are but the surface of another world beneath. It's a beautiful, but dangerous world. It's a world in which we cannot exist without unnatural contrivances, because we are land creatures. So we dawdle pleasantly within that shallow surf, but we know that the water beyond is deep and holds very real dangers.

As it is with the ebb and flow of oceans and lakes, so it is with our lives. We may look out upon an unknown and frightening danger zone, but we have a comfort zone wherein we have provided for safety for ourselves, insofar as we can. We fear that if we stray too far into the surf, we may be drawn away from our comfort zone, and into the dangers that lurk below the waves.

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