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Okay, the "Catchy title" is this - Just a message to followers.

This website is a technology beyond me. It has a lot of potential to be explored, and it excites me to think about what I can do with it. I'm driven to express myself here. I make no apology for that. Right now, I'm presently distracted by the death of a loved one and the anticipated life or death of another loved one. Pardon my excuses, but in my soul, I'm feeling things which I am trying to come to terms with, and I'm bursting to express them. I will be expressing those feelings here in time.

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Apologies again. 1-28-22

Once again, I apologize for the lack of my interaction. I still don't understand how to operate this website. My advice is to "subscribe". All this means is, if I add something new, you will be notifi


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