Who will come now to walk our land?

Updated: Sep 6


Who will come now to walk our land? OUR land! How can it be trod upon By zombie soldiers with blazing guns? We are but brush to be cleared away.

Heavy equipment will float from the sky. Ships with strange flags will scrape upon Our beaches and men and trucks and tanks Will tumble out and set upon their routes.

Those folks we saved before, where did they go? Were they as vulnerable as we? Will they care? Will they be able to fight by our side?

Our mighty arsenal sleeps. Our people sleep. Our foolish leader prowls and makes secret deals. The "coin of the realm" bears his picture. The weight of the coins fills his pockets. He unites no one, and leads the evil ones.

His plague lays waste to the land while he waits Until his rich money-players re-locate their dough. His plague clears the land of excess brush, The elderly, the handicapped, the funny-colored. The cops were just too slow to blow them away.

Who will come now to walk our land? Use our highways. Drink our fresh water and harvest our cattle and grain?

Our men? Yes they are strong and brave as ever. Even with arms shattered and legs blown off. But who betrayed them, when be-set by millions? They were betrayed by the silly people they once protected.

While heroes' uniforms with ribbons and shiny medals Hang in closets for special days, the people sleep, While brave men lay awake, remembering and wondering. Who will come now to walk our land?

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