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DALAI LAMA and peaceful "resistance"

11/26/18 (Facebook post)

I would not pretend to know better than the Dalai Lama, but I can't help having my own perspective. What he's saying has been known for many centuries by the Chinese. The mind / body connection benefits from being at peace with oneself by ridding oneself of anger and frustration. Easier said than done. It can be done on a superficial level. However, instilling that peace into the subconscious self isn't an easy task. The ancients made a science of it. Some could achieve it. I take issue with the "compassionate attitude". To me, this is nearly impossible when someone is about to chop your head off. It's asking you to think "I feel sorry for this misguided fool who is about to take my life". To me, it is submission. I feel the same way about Trump and the Republicans. But my anger builds until I just have to turn off the news and take a rest from it. I have to stand back and calm my attitude of hate and frustration in order to regain my mind. But submission isn't the answer. You may feel better, but the injustice isn't resolved. That takes action. Action takes intelligence and fortitude. Action has to be taken well in advance of your being on the chopping block. If not, your opponent will gather strength and overpower you. This requires a certain attitude of resistance. "Turning the other cheek" is a foolish and failing behavior that will only bring another slap, and won't change the behavior of your oppressor, who will only be emboldened to slap harder. This goes against conventional wisdom, but when a fly annoys you and will not be waved off, then I recommend swatting it out of existence. Bothered by the morals of that? I see it as the destruction of evil. The important thing is to act in advance against oppressors. They need to be recognized for what they are before they can set the stage for your destruction. Yes, it takes hard work and attention. There's great power in a multitude with a common goal. It' time to act. It's time to be smart. It's time to swat the fly. It's time to construct a better plan. It's time to swat all the flies, and to bring forth a better world. The Dalai Lama is living a constricted life imposed on him by the Chinese. He's at peace with that. I'm not.

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